Have you experience the following situations:

1. Why my white motivational t shirts are full of colour stains after washing?

2. Why do my motivational t shirts still smell of sweat even after washing?

3. How to wash white t shirts in washing machine?

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Sound frustrated isn’t it. Well, no worry my dear. In today’s blog post, I will share with you the best ways how to wash t shirts in washing machine easily.

But before we going further, let me brief about some phrase that I’ll be using so that you won’t get confused.

What is t shirts?

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T shirt is a fabric that you wear daily. Generally, it does not have collar. It can be short or long sleeve with crew, scoop, deep scoot, boat, plunging, or v-neck types.

What is shirts?

How To Wash T Shirts In Washing Machine-Motishirt

Shirt is a fabric with collar. It can be short or long sleeve. Generally, it has buttons feature which can be found at the neck, wrist or from chest to belly.

What is clothes?

How To Wash T Shirts In Washing Machine-Motishirt

Cloth is anything that you wear on the body. It can be shirt, t shirt, underwear, jacket bra, towel, skirt, jean, legging, trouser and many more.

Without further ado, I recommend you the 7 best ways how to wash t shirts in washing machine easily. I implement these methods of how to wash t shirts in washing machine until today and guess what, I am satisfied with the results. I want the same for you too.

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You just need to follow all the given steps of how to wash t shirts in washing machine below and you’ll realize some sort of magic is really happening.

1. Sort Your T Shirts By Color

If you think that putting all your t shirts one-shot into the washing machine can save you time and make your life easier, then you are totally wrong. You need to stop from doing that immediately as this is not a good way how to wash t shirts in washing machine.

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Do you know that colour stains on the white t shirts are actually transferred from the other coloured t shirts (grey, blue, pink, red, etc) during the wash. One of the ways how to wash t shirts in washing machine is by segregating white t shirts specifically from the other coloured t shirts and wash them separately.

I had a bad experience about this. It really taught me a big lesson that I never ever forget for the rest of my life. You should read further if you want to know how to wash t shirts in washing machine.

Color Stain On White T shirt Concern

I bought an awesome white color t shirt from a supermarket few years back. I am so happy knowing that I am the owner of this t shirt finally. After I removed the tag price, I just put it in the bucket that contained many t shirts that I plan to wash later. However, after I took out my t shirt from the washing machine, I cried.

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Oh my gosh and holy shit. I can’t even believed what I saw with my own eyes. My t shirt was full of color stains. I tried to wash for second times, but the color stains were still there.

At last, I used chlorine to bleach my t shirt. After bleaching, there were still blur color stains can be seen on my t shirt. Basically, the whole t shirt look very ugly. The color was not nice anymore. I gave up and this t shirt become my pyjama. Please don’t follow my footstep as it is not the best ways how to wash t shirts in washing machine.

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How To Sort Clothes For Laundry

What about if you want to wash your clothes with washing machine? Jeans also can transfer dyes and stain your shirts easily. To prevent color stains concern when washing your clothes, you can watch the video below as it can give you some insights on how to wash t shirts in washing machine.

Sorting your clothes initially can be the best ways how to wash t shirts in washing machine easily.

2. Turn Your T Shirts Inside Out

You need to turn all your t shirts inside out. This will prevent the beautiful designs, colors or images from being damage, peel off and colors fading during the wash.

This is considered as the important step of how to wash t shirts in washing machine. T shirts with inside out can clean more effectively compared to without tuning. This is because the internal part of your t shirts such as near the chest and armpits area is exposed to your sweat for a long duration.

3. Pre-soak Your T Shirts

Pre-soak your t shirts also is one of the best ways how to wash t shirts in washing machine easily. You can soak your t shirts in a bucket that contain detergent and fabric conditioner (optional) solution for overnight. This’ll remove dirt, stain, dead skin cells and stinky sweat smell from your t shirts easily. Never soak them more than 1 day. Pre-soaking overnight is recommended.

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Prepare Well-mixed Detergent Solution

Bear in mind that do not add detergent liquid or powder directly on your t shirts. This is not one of the good ways how to wash t shirts in washing machine. This will create color stain on your t shirts. That is why sometimes you observe that certain spot of your t shirts has color stain that match with the detergent’s color.

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Below are the recommended steps to prepare detergent solution so that you know how to wash t shirts in washing machine:

  1. Make sure the bucket that you use is clean. The bucket’s size is depend on how many t shirts that you have.
  2. Fill the bucket with pipe water. Water level is depend on how many t shirts that you have.
  3. Add detergent liquid or powder into the water and stir using your hand until fully dissolve. The amount of detergent added is depend on how much t shirts that you have. You can add few cups of hot water to ensure the detergent is fully dissolve.
  4. Transfer your t shirt one by one into the detergent solution. If you have shirts with buttons, don’t forget to open all the buttons too. Never put all your t shirts into the detergent solution in one-shot.

Adding Too Much Detergent

If you think that adding extra detergent can ensure your t shirts are super clean and smell nice, you are wrong. In this case, it will not become the best ways how to wash t shirts in washing machine.

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How to know you are adding too much detergent? Normally you will observe a white cluster spot or line trend of white residue on your t shirt after sweating. If you have sensitive skin, overexpose to detergent can cause skin irritation too. You will also observe detergent stain on your t shirts after washing.

It is costly if you overdose on detergent, especially if you are using premium detergent. Nowadays, the detergent’s price in the supermarket is not cheap as well. So, use them wisely.

Not Using Enough Detergent

Inadequate usage of detergent is not a good solution of how to wash t shirts in washing machine as it could cause poor washing result such as poor removal of dirty stains and bad odour smell. Trust me, you won’t like to rewash all yout t shirts.

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How Much Detergent To Add

Added adequate amount of detergent can become one of the best ways how to wash t shirts in washing machine easily. If you buy the liquid detergent types, you can use the provided free measuring cap and follow the original instructions stated at the detergent bottle to guide you.

For powder detergent types, you can use small plastic cup. If it is too much, you can reduce the amount next time or vice versa. How do you know is too much? You can observe many white solid undissolved particles in the water. If you touch the water with your fingers, you will feel very slippery sensation. That is too much.

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You can then use permanent marker pen to mark the position of the cup so that next time you will know how much you should added.

New York Times Bestseller book entitled “My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag . . . and Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha” written by Jolie Kerr also reveal how much detergent to be added. This book reveals some secrets of how to wash t shirts in washing machine easily.

A good rule of thumb is to fill the cap no more than a third of the way.”

Remove Food Stains From Clothes Naturally

One of the most common problem that people are facing is how to remove food stains from clothes naturally with less effort needed. Food stains can be difficult to remove, especially if your white t shirt is exposed to the oily or liquid type foods. If you are depending on pre-soaking approach alone, it might not give you the best way how to wash t shirts in washing machine easily.

I want to recommend you the easy and workable steps to remove food stains from your clothes naturally. Here are the steps:

  1. Identify those t shirts with the food stains. You should put them in one special location instead of mixing them together with the others clothes.
  2. Wet the specific t shirts first, apply a soap on the stain area, follow by rubbing and soaking overnight in the detergent solution.
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Apart from that, feel free to watch the video below and implement some of the ideas to remove the food stains from your clothes. You might never know that these ideas can be one of the best ways how to wash t shirts in washing machine for food stains related problems.

4. Start To Wash Your T Shirts

After pre-soaking is done, you can now transfer your t shirts into the washing machine. At this stage, it is an optional for you to add small amount of detergent into the washing machine.

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You just select the mode that you want and start wash your t shirts. Make sure you fill up the water more than t shirts height as this can aid to remove the excess detergent solution later. If you read until here and follow exactly what I recommend to you, you should be able to solve this question of how to wash t shirts in washing machine easily.

Use Mesh Laundry Bag

If you want to protect your favourite t shirts, it would be best for you to invest in mesh laundry bag. Mesh laundry bag is one of the best ways how to wash t shirts in washing machine. Zippers from jeans, bra and other clothes are very easy to cause holes in you t shirts after washing.

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Where To Buy Mesh Laundry Bags

Is there any mesh laundry bag that are the best mesh laundry bag? Well, according to Amazon, there is! They are currently Amazon’s #1 best seller and the reviews back it up! If you want to get these mesh laundry bags, click the button below.

With more than 7 thousands of reviews and a 4.7 star average rating, user’s seem to really agree that these are the best mesh laundry bags.

The best part is the price is $10.99 only and you will get 5 set of mesh laundry bags (1 jumbo, 2 extra large and 2 medium sizes) under 1 year warranty. You can put jean, bra, stocking, blouse, sweater, t shirts and many more inside these mesh laundry bags.

Performance wise these mesh laundry bags are worth every penny. They are made from soft and breathable materials. Get these mesh laundry bags now while stocks last as they can be one of your best solutions how to wash t shirts in washing machine easily .

Clean Washing Machine Tub

When taking out your t shirts from the washing machine, you might realize there are coagulated dirt that sticked on your t shirts. This is because your washing machine tub is very dirty. It just like if you didn’t clean your room for few months, there would be so many dusts in your room. Dirty washing machine tub will not give you the best solution on how to wash t shirts in washing machine.

Detergent is one of the best and economical material to clean your washing machine tub thoroughly. You can start by adding few full cups of detergent directly into the washing machine that are fully filled with water. Soak for few hours then start the tub cleaning process.

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This will flush all the impurities, dusts, residues and dirt that stick on the washing machine tub. Run for few cycles to get the best result. You can do the tub cleaning process based on monthly basis.

5. Dry Your T Shirts

After washing, rinsing and spinning are done, you can take out your t shirts from the washing machine. You can then hang your t shirts on a rack to dry under the sun or in an open space. You can also put them in a dryer too using a suitable temperature for fast drying.

Why Dry Clothes Inside Out

May be some of you may think that drying clothes right side out is much more convenience when folding your clothes later. But, don’t underestimate this small thing.

You should maintain and dry your clothes as inside out position even after taking out from your washing machine. Drying inside out, especially under the sun can prevent your clothes from color fading.

For shirt with collar, you should take extra step by folding the collar right side out on the hanger. Otherwise, you will realize it is noticeably lighter in colour at the collar when you wear your shirts later.

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If you follow all the all recommended steps from 1 to 5 on how to wash t shirts in washing machine, you t shirts will not have bad odour smell, color stains or dirty concerns.

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6. Store Your T Shirts

After your t shirts are dried, you are ready to fold them nicely to prevent wrinkles or hang them up in a cupboard.

How To Fold Clothes To Save Space

A lot of people are great in folding clothes. Your brothers and sisters can do it. Your father may assist sometimes. Your mom definitely is the expert! But how to fold clothes to save space in your closet or drawers?

How To Wash T Shirts In Washing Machine-Motishirt

Because you have limited space in your room, order more closets might not be a good recommendation after all. Plus, you want to save money for other things in your life.

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Please watch the video below for more creative ideas on how to fold clothes to save space without spending too much money. I bet you gonna love these awesome ideas.

7. Consider Using Deodorizers

You can use deodorizers to eliminate bad odor, add fragrance to your clothes and protect them from moths.

Naphthalene balls or hanging type moth repellents are normally placed in the drawers or closets to eliminate weird plastic or pesky wooden smell. It can also prevent your t shirts from becoming the home of moths.

Moth Balls  For generations it has been customary to sprinkle a few mothballs made of naphthalene in a box of sweaters to prevent moths from feasting on the fibers. Today, a better choice would be natural alternatives such as cedar chips and lavender sachets. Remember to clean clothes first then zip them up at the end of the season.

You can also use soap bars, scented wooden hangers, homemade potpourri, activated charcoal or activated bamboo too.

Best ways to deodorize a closet naturally. These brilliant bamboo room deodorizers eliminate odors, mold and mildew!


Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, kindly wash your t shirts daily for family or minimum twice a week for individual to maintain the hygiene. Watch the video below to know more about COVID-19. It is not recommended to wash t shirts when you’re faced with big piles later.

You can still follow the above 7 best ways how to wash t shirts in washing machine. Avoid go to the crowded area to prevent coronavirus remain on your t shirts.

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